Write a letter to a judge sentencing

Say what you feel. A certain etiquette should be followed when writing this kind of letter. Look at it again the next day and proofread it for clarity and proper spelling and grammar.

It is useless to write a character reference that does not accomplish this.

Writing a Letter to the Judge Before Sentencing

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Creative Arguments The defense team should be creative and let judges be judges. While a substantial assistance reduction cannot be based on noncooperation grounds, experience shows that judges unwilling to grant relief for non-5K1.

Try to limit your letter to one page so the judge can read it quickly. Double-space and begin a second paragraph; do not tab. Remember to provide your contact information, such as your email or phone number. List Reasons for Leniency Write a paragraph about why the judge should be lenient when sentencing the individual being sentenced.

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It is important to familiarize yourself with sanctions of crime, enhancements, etc. This letter is written by me, Arthur L. References The Law Dictionary: This argument meshes well with arguments regarding susceptibility to abuse in prison depending on the characteristics of the offender, the nature of the offense, and the likely designated prison.

The more specific examples you can use, the better, as they really help paint a picture for the judge. Likewise, good-time credits and other opportunitiues for early release e. Introduce Yourself Type a paragraph introducing yourself to the judge, including only information about yourself that is pertinent in you writing a letter of leniency for the individual you are writing for.

Place in a legal-sized-letter envelope and seal. Family support husband, father, wife, mother Funeral expenses To spouse, children, parents, etc. Data from any life expectancy chart should be augmented by arguments specific to the client and, if appropriate, where the client will serve time.

Thank the judge for his time and consideration in a single sentence after the body of the letter.Character Reference Letter for Court Sentence.

To the Sentencing Judge: I am writing to plead for your leniency when sentencing {Convict Name}, who is my {relationship to convict}.

How to Write a Letter of Leniency to a Judge

I have known {Convict Name} for {length of time}, and I can assure you that these recent circumstances are indicative of the kind of person {he/she} is. May 17,  · How to Write a Letter to a Judge Before Sentencing. In this Article: Writing a Letter as the Defendant Writing a Character Letter for a Defendant Community Q&A Writing a letter before sentencing is a way to tell a judge that the criminal defendant is a good person who deserves a 90%(82).

Sentencing in federal criminal cases – whether they are a result of a plea or a verdict – are set by the judge. Character letters for a judge requesting a lower sentence for a defendant are a mainstay of federal criminal cases.

Writing a character reference You have been asked to write a character reference for someone going to court because this person has broken the law. A character reference is a letter and includes your opinion of this person. Jul 07,  · Getting a Sentence Modification My question involves criminal law for the state of: Maryland, Baltimore City I have been told by my probation officer that I can try to write a letter to the judge for a sentence modification.

Sep 24,  · An example plea letter to a Judge to consider an early release for a first time offender. Dear Honorable Judge Harris, My name is Aisha Thomas. My son's name is Isaiah Wallace Thomas.

Write a letter to a judge sentencing
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