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We can forecast the demand for existing product by using any one or even mix of the above methods, but to forecast demand for new product we have to use survey method only because the new product has no past or historical data to offer. When the financial policies of two companies differ, these differences should be recognized in the evaluation of comparative reports.

Public sector organisations that monitor or control private sector activities have objectives that are to ensure that the business they are monitoring comply with the laws laid down. If your gross profit rate is continually lower than your average margin, something is wrong! Place refers to where a product or service is sold.

A brand loyal consumer will continue to buy the preferred brand even if a competing product is improved, offers a price promotion or premium, or receives preferred display space. In the old days, for example, consumers might have baked their own bread from locally grown flour.

For example, while many Americans have reduced their intake of pork due to concerns about fat, overall per capita consumption of pork has increased in the U. Be ready to support your business. First, choose a base year to which all other financial data will be compared.

Fresh peaches, for example, are abundantly available in the U.

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Explain the important characteristics of Decision Support System. Long working hours have fueled a demand for prepared foods, a category that has experienced significant growth in supermarkets since the s.

Quantitative Forecasting Methods There are two forecasting models here — 1 the time series model and 2 the causal model.

Nibm assignment

Discuss the various tools of financial Analysis. The Food Marketing Environment: Your letter will belong to which category of communication Management Information System How will you plan a Management Information System in marketing information system taking into account the actions of antecedents or consequences of consumers, competitors, employers, institutions, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, govt.

There are lot of bias in Random sampling 2. Farmers, therefore, end up having to sell at a market price that may or may not be profitable at a given time.

What is Web Mining? If you find yourself in this boat, try to create an index-number trend series to alleviate some of your confusion. In other words, marketing is the process of planning and executing the pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, ideas, and services in the marketplace.

M — Measurable — the business can put a value to the objective, e. The objective, then, is to add the needed value steps as efficiently as possible. How can you or will you provide them with high quality service that they expect, as well as your need to control costs at the same time.

Nibm assignment

The developments which takes place in international trade with the new formation of blocks of trading and the reduction of Multi Fiber Arrangement within a decade the clothing industry will have to adapt itself so that the prominent position that it has in Indian economy continues to be maintained What are your views on maintaining the export trend of Indian textile industry for the next decade?

A conservative prospectus of manufactures, but go to market aggressively to succeed. Explain why is it important? If you are a retail store, you need to have a plan in terms of procurement and sourcing. Privacy and data security One of the primary functions of CRM software is to collect information about customers.

Less is known about Eastern and developing countries.

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Adopting stringent rules that affect the customer due to its inflexibility will hamper the ability of the organization to find appropriate solutions for its customers.

As a smart marketer, you know that you need to hold on to your existing customer base as it is much harder and more expensive to get a new customer than to sell to someone who already knows your product and the quality of your customer service.

Explain value inventory for balance sheet purposes 5. What are the effects of Total quality management on an Organization?

Some brand extensions may involve a risk of damage to the original brand if the quality is not good enough.

The Assignment is a part of the internal assessment. Explain the techniques and methods for designing Organization structure.The Term Paper on Are scientific management and human relations approaches still applicable to organisations of the 21st century? 1 Core Programme Textbook Volume 1, Week 2 Scientific Management and Human Resources chapter, page Free Essay: Supervision and Leadership - Semester Research Paper Assignment How to deal with problem employees • INTRO You must introduce and define the.

How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organization (target based industry)? Apply your interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your specialized goals?


NIBM ASSIGNMENT ANSWER SHEETS PROVIDED WHATSAPP 91 NIBM ANSWER SHEET PROVIDED MOBILE: +91 OR +91 EMAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE: In the following essay, we will discuss in detail about is management a science or art?

It\'s being a fascinating issue for an extensive time span that whether management is a science or art. There are many conflicts between theorist and philosophers since 19th centuries about this topic. Assignments, Case Studies and Model Questions on MBA and EMBA at National Institute of Business Management(NIBM) and NIBM assignment and case study Answers are here.

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Nibm assignment essay
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