Meethi and vishnu love scenes

Mrunal's topless avtar in Uttaran!

He had seen her happy in his childhood when every day proved to be a festival for them. Akash comes with food and feeds her. Tapasya says, he brought you up from childhood, right?

They will get worried for no reason. Either ways, her troubles have just begun and it will be a long way before she manages to change them. Shopping mall, teaching you bike, then you getting angry. Instead of becoming my strength, you proved out to be my weakness. Maiyya continues that she is ashamed of the fact that he is her nephew.

After Vishnu and Mukta, Meethi to confess her love for Akash in Colors' Uttaran

Back home, all pray for Tappu. Jogi enquires with Tappu if she knew anything about this. Gomti leaves from there while Meethi consoles a tearful Kajri. He never took chocolates from me. Marriage with Tej Singh Bundela?

Veer on an armchair in his room and thinking of meeting Icha for the first time in Satara jail.

Uttaran: Will Meethi realise Vishnu has tricked her into marriage?

Jogi asks for an explanation. She turns and questions him about his presence here. Who should I eat this for? Mukku blames the reporters who hype any small thing just to gain publicity. Surabhi tells Mukta that Vishnu had asked to come here only.

He asks Vishnu this time.Episode starts with Meethi/Vishnu in the temple. Meethi asks him how many times he has seen Sholay. He says 50 times.

Uttaran: Will Meethi realise Vishnu has tricked her into marriage?

Meethi says, do you remember only Sholay scenes or something else? He says, I remember everything. Every moment between us. Shopping mall. Jogi opens the newspaper and is shocked reading the headlines – minister’s son lost while a hubby’s love won (with Vishnu and Meethi’s photo).

Meethi to file for divorce; Vishnu to marry Mukta in Colors' Uttaran

He reads the article and looks at the photo. He shows the paper to Divya while Tappu and Damini wonder. A guy named Vishnu enters into Meethi's life and gains everyones love and respect.

Vishnu and Meethi become very good friends and soon their friendship turns into love. Vishnu also makes Meethi understand that she shouldn't hate her mother because whatever she is doing is for Meethi's own good.

That leaves Meethi (Tina Dutta) free to marry Vishnu (Ajay Chaudhary). But somewhere in middle of all this, a new drama cropped up wherein Vishnu and Mukta (Sreejita De) confessed their love for.

Well, it so happened that both Meethi and Mukta (Sreejita De) were caught up in an accidental fire and instead of saving his wife, Vishnu went on to save his love Mukta while Meethi’s ex-husband Aakash (Mrunal Jain) saved her.

It's Mukta and Vishnu's engagement in the TV show 'Uttaran'. Akash has also come to greet the couple and here he encounters Meethi.


Meethi and vishnu love scenes
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