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A thorough comparative analysis of our survey data indicates several significant correlations.

Technology and Electronic Gadgets

AR drone is provided with a hull shield which protects against the damages during battle, while gaming. Our second source of data is the responses from a survey that were distributed to high school students in the Midwest area.

Others propose that academic performance has nothing to do with computer use. The remainder of the paper is organized as follows. This included several rounds of determining more refined questions and formatting for the best presentation.

Electronic Gadgets

First, we designed the survey instrument. It is therefore advised to develop the quality system on the electronic gadgets. I like that my child has access to electronics. Using computers has been found to increase manual dexterity and increase computer literacy regardless of the age of the user.

Life helper and optimizer Again gadgets not only increased the flexibility and efficiency in our daily life but it also helps us to increase our life expectancy.

The study did not focus on any testing scores. Brings people together; with a simple computer, internet access and a mi8crophone meetings can be held in any location. How to Write a Summary of an Article? In the age of the science and the technology, people have shown their great attention to the use of the number of technologies and use of the terms like gadgets and electronic devices has become a common factor for these things.

Using electronic gadgets, teachers can create exciting educational atmospheres that stimulate and enhance learning. Sensawaft technology has found applications in hands free mobiles, manufacturing aids for disabled and video gaming.

Essay On Electronic Gadgets Positive And Negative Aspects

Adolescence, 40 The battery capacity has approximate run time of 2 hours. Handling the youngsters are not as easy as ABC but it requires tons of patience.

Obviously many questions will peer into the mind like how will I Essay about electronic gadgets in touch with my friend sand colleagues?

We chose Kansas to represent the Midwest, as we knew our survey data would be gathered from that state. Reduces cost of starting businesses; websites can work like virtual stores where consumers can order products.

With the advancement in the technology new sophisticated machines is coming up that enable in surgeries and diagnostic thus preventing people from frequent deaths.

Now meetings can be held from nearly any location with a simple computer, microphone, and Internet access. Heavily relying on spell checkers makes certain individuals misspell words. Therefore we selected states with the largest populations in hopes that those who took the standardized tests would be a more thorough and accurate sample of that state.

Further research must be conducted in order to determine if our results could be duplicated in another sample group and to rule out external factors. Therefore it has to points that are to be discussed firstly it is that of the positive aspects and secondly, it is related to the negative aspects.

After looking at common survey questions, we were able to word these basic demographic questions to be clear and concise.

First, the positive relationship between the hours of computer use for school purposes and GPA demonstrates the idea that use of electronic devices for school urposes benefits academic performance.

Video games require immobility and hence contribute to the rise in childhood obesity.This essay is focused on the best electronic gadgets of We all know that a gadget is thought as a technology novelty, is a small technological object, a device or an appliance that is designed for a particular function.


Drain, Washburn University, taylor. Free Essay: Nowadays, we can easily found children as young as two years old are playing with an electronic devices and gadgets anywhere. That is not only.

Electronic Gadgets

Every time you turn around, your children are requesting the newest version of a technological gadget. While one child madly texts friends in the back seat of the car, the.

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Positive and Negative Impacts of Electronic Devices on Children

Essay about Effects of Electronic Gadgets to Academic Performance relationship between academic performance and the use of computer technology. We test our hypothesis which proposes that the growing use of electronic deveices is academically beneficial to high school students' standardized test scores and GPA.

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Essay about electronic gadgets
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