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Service concept of Argos Edvardsson and Olsson, refer service concept as the prototype for service and define it as the detailed description of what is to be done and how is it to be achieved. Choose Type of service. From its establishment from the slogans have been changing from time to time for Argos.

It usually takes around three months to get a new mould, which then has to be tested.

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The distribution services which were carried forward at CDS were one of the best parts offered by the enterprise. Wal-Mart positions itself in strategic Concept of operations management essays initiatives through collaboration with other stakeholders.

Finally, product focus strategy ensures the optimal utilization of the capital as it allows massive production of less differentiated products.

It has been highlighted in the case study that, CDS has evolved from aerospace industry to the home ware items Goldstein, S et al, Since they produce fashion products with high quality, the time lag between production and consumption is very Concept of operations management essays, otherwise they may fall behind the fashion trend.

An operations manager has several responsibilities that cut across the whole company. Through proper operations management, out of stock occurrences can be greatly reduced by accurately forecasting sales leading to reduction in delivery costs.

In traditional way, this offering for sale is done through a fixed store. Post transaction, this again involves two parts delivery and post delivery, delivery involves the receiving and installation of the product, at Argos the customer takes the delivery and has to rely on the manual given with the product.

Consumers make purchases from the store, which satisfy their needs. The various stages and their life span each stage life cycle of system is discussed in the next section.

The company should go deep to research the needs of customers and the fashion trend to develop a series of satisfying products with high rate of profit and reputation score.

The Typical product Life- cycle is represented in Figure A In order to complete this task, team building, communication, and conflict resolution skills are highly appreciated.

Working from an advertisement or a catalogue, consumers choose, normally in their own home, the products they wish and order them for home delivery. The similar Life cycle concept we can apply to any product in production system. At CDS, it shall be taken into consideration that the resources used to manufacture the home ware products shall be used in an effective and efficient manner.

In the slogan for Argos had been "buy it at Argos and pocket the difference" this changed to "famous names at unheard of prices" in For financial year Argos showed a sale figure of 4. One crucial aspect of any successful organization is the presence of an excellent operations management.

There are ample numbers of chairs to sit and wait for the item shopped, normally the waiting time is 2 to 5 minutes. In such type of retailing there is a fierce Competition amongst retailers which changes from time to time depending upon the market scenario.

At CDS, the schedule of production was prepared on every Friday morning. For the help of bonus payment, they have good output and excellent productivity.

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CDS pay much attention to understand the needs of customers. The in evitable situation due to the environmental influences like people taste, interest there is always new born of other production system.

Question 3 What would you recommend to the company if they asked you to advise them in improving their operations? Concept products and the whole design, manufacture, sales, distribution process is rather complex. From a business perspective, the use of catalogues and mail order compensates the need for high cost which is incurred in traditional retailing as mentioned above.

It involves development, acquisition and utilization of the available resources necessary for delivery of products and services required by consumers. For Six years this slogan was used and only in Argos changed it to "Argos take care of it" again this slogan was used for ten good years before it was replaced with "it is not just the money you save" this was one of the short lived slogans for Argos which was changed to "brighter shopping" very next year.

Typical responsibilities include service, inventory and quality control, plan layout, and site selectin. At CDS, the strategies shall be shaped and revised in such a manner which would help the officers at CDS to take up various tactical decisions which would support to take up the different types of strategies.

The major efforts are required at this stage to push with all possible strategies in an ethical manner. This would lead to a substantial increase in the levels of growth along with the profits earned by CDS. Argos involve a unique concept of catalogue showroom retailing, was formed back in by green shield stamp entrepreneur Richard Tompkins, from then to now it has grown from strength to strength though the concept of catalogue retailing is not very successful in UK markets.

In this way the high costs of prime sites and expensive fixtures, as well as sales staff, are reduced also the store are organised functionally for processing rather than organised for selling and display.

International journal of production economics, 2 This is the stage business will be exposed more to the external competitive market which initiate new comers with similar product where they will take off the market or share the market which causes the original product business organization will go for further improvement or for new product line.

Product focus strategy or continuous production is the most suitable strategy employed by the leading retail outfits.Operations management also plays a critical role in the operational level at Concept Design Services (CDS).

The Concept of Operations Management

The distribution services which were carried forward at. Effective operations management is the cornerstone of most successful businesses.

The Concept of Life-Cycle in Operations Management Essay

The concept details the core objectives of operations management and provides case study evidence that reinforces why it pays to invest time and resources in managing operations to the highest standards. Operations management refers to the activities, decisions and responsibilities of managing the resources which are dedicated to the production and delivery of products and part of an organisation that is responsible for this activity is called the operations function and every organisation has one as delivery of a product and/or service is the reason for existence.

Published: Mon, 08 May Before we can understand the operating pattern of any organization, we need to understand the importance of operations management.

Operations Management- In simple terms, “Operations Management” deals with the production of either the products/goods or service from any organization.

Operations Management

Concept of Operations Management Operations Management Concept of Operations Management • The Classical Image Presented By: Anupam Kumar Reader SMS Varanasi 1 2 Operations Management Operations Management It is: It is • A management function the business function responsible for • An organization’s core.

Operation management is the process which combines and transforms various resources used in the operations subsystem of the organization into value added products/services in a controlled manner as per the policies of the organisation.

Concept of operations management essays
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