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We also sets standards for legal education and grants recognition to Universities whose degree in law will serve as qualification for enrolment as an advocate. If the foreign law firms are prevented from advice on foreign law, the transaction cost of Indian clients for consultation on foreign law will increase.

Therefore, the concern of the Government of India as expressed in the counter affidavit requires to be addressed by the Bar Council of India. Giving legal aid, and 3. In international commercial arbitrations it is generally accepted that the parties may choose their own advocate without necessarily choosing one qualified at the seat of the arbitration8.

To lay down procedure to be followed by its disciplinary committee and the disciplinary committees of each State Bar Council. Notice Bar council of india the meeting shall specify the time and place of the meeting and shall contain the agenda fixed for the meeting.

In the case of two or more members securing an equal number of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall decide the election by drawing lots.

B Degree of the University of Wales College of Cardiff be and is hereby recognised for the purpose of enrolment as advocates.

What is involved is the rendering of advice and assistance in obtaining extensions of credit and compromises of indebtedness.

When one of the contracting party is a foreign entity and there is a binding arbitration agreement between the parties and India is chosen as the seat of arbitration, it is but natural that the foreign contracting party would seek the assistance of their own solicitors or lawyers to advice them on the impact of the laws of their country on the said contract, and they may accompany their clients to visit India for the purpose of the Arbitration.

The major centres of arbitration do not appear to have restrictions on the right of lawyers from other countries to argue cases in those countries, with the possible exception of California. Companies providing wide range of customised and integrated services and functions to Bar council of india customers like word-processing, secretarial support, transcription services, proof-reading services, travel desk support services, etc.

The Bombay High Court, therefore, rightly held that establishing liaison office in India by the foreign law firm and rendering liaisoning activities in all forms cannot be permitted since such activities are opposed to the provisions of the Advocates Act and the Bar Council of India Rules.

In India, the legal profession is considered as a noble profession to serve the society and not treated as a business but the foreign law firms treat the profession as trade and business venture to earn money.

Proceedings of the Legal Education Committee meeting dated Accordingly request is made to the Bar Council of India to continue to recognise the degree in law of the Tribhuvan University obtained after graduation and not otherwise.

The Apex Court in the case of Ex-Capt. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act is, therefore, consolidated and amended to the law relating to domestic and international commercial arbitration as well as for the enforcement of foreign arbitral award.

The Madras High Court agreed with the above view as follows: Similarly, in many legal subjects, knowledge of finance and accounts has become essential. To manage and invest the funds of the Bar Council. A person elected as a member of the Council under Section 4 1 c of the Act shall cease to be such member: Though specific grievance to that effect is made in the petition, the RBI has chosen not to deal with those grievances in its affidavit in reply.

Bar Council of India Vs. To organise legal aid to the poor. Therefore, the bar under Section 33 from appearing in any Court except when permitted by Court under Section 32 of the Act or any other Act unless enrolled as an advocate does not bar a person from being enrolled as an advocate under Section 29 of the Act for practising the profession of law in non litigious matters.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey held: India today has premier institutions offering job oriented diploma courses in several fields. Referring to Section 2 1 f of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, the Arbitration Actit was observed that if in international commercial arbitration, India is chosen as the seat of arbitration, the foreign contracting party is bound to seek assistance from lawyers of their own country on the contract.

The objective of these courses is to help professionals to gain knowledge in various legal aspects, which they may have to deal in their sphere of work. Election of members of the Council.

K where admission to this course was obtained after graduation be and is hereby recognised by the Bar Council of India under Section 24 1 c iv of the Advocates Act, for the purpose of enrolment as advocate inIndia.

It is also clarified that the expression "to practice the profession of law" under Section 29 of the Advocates Act, covers the persons practicing litigious matters as well as non-litigious matters other than contemplated in para 63 ii of the impugned order and, therefore, to practice in non-litigious matters in India the foreign law firms, by whatever name called or described, shall be bound to follow the provisions contained in the Advocates Act, No proceeding shall be invalidated merely on the ground that the rule relating to notice is not strictly complied with.

Bar Council of India does not recognise distance mode degrees

Thus, from the Statement of Objects and Reasons, it is seen that the Act is intended to apply to one persons practising the profession of law in any part of the country and two persons practising the profession of law in any Court including the Supreme Court.

Under the peculiar facts here 4 43 N. No matter once decided shall be reconsidered for a period of three months unless the Council by a two-third majority of the members present so permits.

Law Education in India

It is apparent that prior to the Act there were different classes of persons entitled to practise the profession of law and from the appointed day all these class of persons practising the profession of law, would form one class, namely, advocates.

The Supreme Court observed that the question involved in the said case was of considerable public importance, especially on Foreign Direct Investment, which is indispensable for a growing economy like India.

The complex problem posed by the activities of foreign attorneys here is a long-standing one. The election of a member of the Council shall be conducted by the Secretary of the State Council who shall act as the Returning Officer.The Bar Council of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is an Autonomous body established and Constituted in the Year under the provisions of Advocates Act Which provide for establishment of State Bar Councils in Section 3 thereof with a maximum of 25 elected members.

The Bar Council of Delhi is an autonomous statutory body constituted under Advocates Act, It enjoys varied powers, functions and duties. As of today it has over 60, registered member advocates, making it the largest bar council in the country.


Bar Council of India Vs. A.K. Balaji and Ors.

Bar Council of India

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Bar council of india
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