Authority control names thesis

Authority control

A sample of tags used in an authority record for a personal name are: For one can imagine a community in which individuals are committed to democratic resolution of the disagreements on justice that arise and thereby are committed to the equal importance of the well being of each member.

Whether the commands impose duties or not depends on features of the subject such as his or her knowledge of the issues related to the commands and so forth.

In addition, authority work demands that the proper forms be used for the names of series. So as an account of authority the tacit consent view seems to beg the question. His view is that judges interpret the law by creating a coherent account of as much of the black letter law as possible and by interpreting that black letter law in terms of principles that make the law be the best that it can be.

The NLC files also give the date of all entries, which is helpful in establishing current accuracy.

Purpose of Authority Work and Files

A Democratic Conception of Legitimate Political Authority The basic idea behind the democratic conception of legitimate authority is that when there are disagreements among persons about how to structure their shared world together and it is important to structure that world together, the way to choose the shared aspects of society is by means of a decision making process that is fair to the interests and opinions of each of the members.

The idea of fairness that underpins the democratic process is grounded in different ways in different theories. Legal personality identification systems person-IDs and authorities: First, many people have understood legitimate political authority as a political authority that is justified in coercing the subjects of its authority.

The members may not demur on the basis of unreasonable views. In the example that follows, Authority control names thesis 2 digits following the tag a 3 and a are indicator values.

A legitimate exercise of political power is one that is grounded only in those principles that lie in the overlap. Indeed, the instrumentalist can argue that it is sometimes immoral to insist on critically reflecting and acting autonomously when one may actually act worse as a result of consistently critically reflecting.

In the nullified consent case you still have an obligation not to do what you consented to do and in the nullified non-consent case you still have an obligation to do what you refuse to consent to do.

A second conceptual account of legitimate political authority implies that those over whom authority is exercised have some kind of duty with regard to the authority.

It is worthwhile drawing a distinction here between internal legitimacy and external legitimacy Buchanan And that tacit consent is valid to the extent that the failure to object is understood as a kind of consent and is voluntary.

This is the challenge of philosophical anarchism Wolff Now suppose that someone in such a situation refuses to consent to the arrangement. So the decision of the majority gives a reason to obey that preempts or replaces the considerations one might act on were there no majority decision.

The purpose of the Central Office would be to co-ordinate authority control within the consortium. So what is just in a particular circumstance will depend in part on the set of rules that the others are acting on. Some have argued that the account of practical reason required by the idea that political authority is a practical authority is incoherent and so they have opted for the idea that political authorities, when legitimate, are theoretical authorities regarding the existence and nature of the duties and reasons for action that people have Hurd Same name describes two different subjects[ edit ] Sometimes two different authors have been published under the same name.Strictly speaking, an authority can have a right to rule without the subjects having a duty to comply.

The authority may have a “justification” right to rule (Ladenson ). This means that the authority has a permission to issue commands and make rules and coerce others to comply and its possession of this right is justified on moral grounds.

From that moment on, no Jew dared to question the authority of Moses. So this part of my restraint was doubtless a stretch of the authority given him.

It was unspeakably humiliating to be told that she had overstepped her authority.

Authority control

But it was always my notion, that. Each step in LTI's authority control process is designed to maximize authority record links and to eliminate incorrect links. Your records go through an extensive clean-up prior to linking in order to maximize the probability of a correct link being made.

Authority Control

Centrepiece to The Indexer Vol No.3 September C1 Name authority control in large projects Linda Dunn Name authority control is a system for ensuring standardization in the handling of names in indexes for large and/or.

AUTHORITY USACGSC ltr, 2 May THIS PAGE IS UNCLASSIFIED.EEhhh hmmEI~, F / ~. and control. It shows the inherent risks of piecemeal commitment of reserves, THESIS APPROVAL PAGE Name of candidate: MAior Richard H. Barnes Title of thesis: Arracourt--September An authority record is made for each authorized form of a heading.

The Impact of naming practices among North American Indians on name authority control

For names, one of the most widely used authority files is the Library of Congress Name Authority File (or LCNAF). That file is used in this document for examples.

Authority control names thesis
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