2014 indian elections

However, many problems made Indira call mid-term election and the full tenure of five years couldn't be completed. The Lok Sabha election will see an electorate-base of more than million. Parul Agrawal agrparul We have enough mandate for running the government, need public participation for running the country: The party promised to set up a Price Stabilization Fund and to evolve a single 'National Agriculture Market' to check price rise and go for e-Governance, policy-driven governance and simplification of the tax regime to prevent corruption.

Another major strategy includes invoking nationalist sentiments, which they have already started with the Statue of Unity rally, related to building of the tallest statue 2014 indian elections Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat. The polling is held between 7: The government cannot start a project during the election period.

You have faith in me and I have faith in you. Read More Strengthening Democracy: In fact, farmers and workers are called upon to chip in with soil and 2014 indian elections to make the project successful. In light of this development, this post looks at the issues surrounding coal block allocations and Such parties may promote regional aspirations such as Telangana Rashtra Samithi and Shiv Sena or caste considerations as in the case of the Bahujan Samaj Party.

The candidate who secured the highest number of votes 8,32, was C. Read More Nivedita Rao - September 8, In the recent past, there has been a renewed discussion around nutrition in India.

There are strong chances of the rise of a third secular alternative. Singh as the prime minister 2 December - 10 November Before announcing the poll schedule, the Election Commission will hold a meeting with the Union Home Minister for finalizing the dates to deploy central paramilitary forces throughout India.

However, he was assassinated on 31 October The 6th General Election was held in the yearwhich was convincingly won by the Janata Party led by Morarji Desai.

The people of this country have been victorious for three centuries. Read More Anviti Chaturvedi - June 10, Yesterday, the Supreme Court delivered its first verdict in a series of legal challenges that have been made against the Aadhaar project. Presented as archival content. Even though the party had a clear majority, however, it chose not to dissolve the National Democratic Alliance NDAthe coalition it had led since The national parties had fielded 1, candidates, out of which had won.

However, after the assembly elections, held in Decemberit is clear that there is a strong anti-Congress sentiment among the voters, especially due to the unprecedented corruption allegations against the current UPA government at the centre.

In fact, the first strategy, if available sources and their information is to be believed, will be to initiate a campaign, mainly through social media, to rebuild the image of Rahul Gandhi as an able administrator with sharp decision-making abilities.

Per the sources, the final list will be ready by January end.

Elections in India

The result of last Delhi Assembly election of is an indication towards that. Since Sonia Gandhi has an experience of running two consecutive coalition governments for two consecutive terms - 10 years at a stretch - she is expected to give important inputs on the next course of action.

Results of the Indian general election, 2014

In fact, the Congress has to project itself as a party that does not support corruption, especially after so many accusations of unprecedented corruption against the current UPA government.

In this context, we The INC won seats out of parliamentary constituencies across the then 26 states of India. According to this plan, the BJP wants to reach crores of families throughout India and collect funds from them, anything between Rs.

Read More Vinayak Krishnan - October 3, In India, police and law and order come under the purview of state governments. In total, 71,69,85, electors cast their vote. However, some recent developments like the unprecedented rise of a new political outfit called Aam Aadmi Party AAP has offered more positive chances to the third alternative.

In all, the NDA wound up controlling seats, making the Modi government the most stable in India since the Congress Party administration —89 of Rajiv Gandhiwhich boasted more than legislators.

But the tenure was tumultuous. The candidate is appointed by the President. A Money Bill is defined in Article of the This practice was instituted in 89 rows · The elections in India in include the Indian general election of and seven state. Distribution of votes of major parties Lok Sabha elections Year INC BJP CPM CPI BSP JD BLD SWA PSP BJS; Seats Votes Seats Votes Seats Votes Seats Votes Seats.

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. About ECI. The Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administering election processes in India.

Elections in the Republic of India include elections for the Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, the Legislative Assemblies, and numerous other Councils and local bodies. Lok Sabha Election Results - Get to know complete 16th lok sabha general election results party wise and state wise.

Also know winner and runner-up of each parliamentary constituency.

2014 indian elections
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